6/20/09 Getting the Mac Mini

Bought my Apple Mini today at the Apple Store in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, with my Dad. We were told to wait in line, for the store was full. Another longer line was filled with people who had reserved the new iPhone and were waiting to pick it up.

I picked up the Mac Mini with 1GB and Apple Care. We went down to the Borders and picked up a copy of Beginning iPhone Development by Dave Mark and Jaff LaMarche. I expected to use the PC monitor, mouse and keyboard I already have. The keyboard and mouse has been in use for the old Sony Vaio, which I had replaced a few weeks earlier for an HP Pavilion, which turned out to be a zillions times faster in booting up my programs. Okay, maybe only a zillion times.

When I got home, I had my son plug in the Mac power plug (I wanted to see if a child could set it up). When he tried to plug in the PC monitor, we found the connector had no slot for it in the Mac. We found that the keyboard’s PS2 plug did not have a receptacle for it either. I needed adapters for each. I picked them up at Fry’s. I also bought a 15′ long Ethernet cable so I could connect it to the RCA cable box in the next room.

The monitor came to life when I pushed the small button at the back of the Mac. It displayed a dazzling, swirling universe as it was booting up, ending with an “X” for the operating system, OSX. What a difference from the drab Windows boot process! Unfortunately, it did not detect the keyboard.

I went online to http://answers.yahoo.com and asked why the connection did not work and what I should do about it. No answer yet.

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