6/21/09 Keyboard fixed and up and running

Sunday (Father’s Day)

This morning I still had not received an answer to my question, so I went to http://discussions.apple.com/ and created an Apple ID and posted the question there.

That same morning, I received this wisdom:

“It is not uncommon for PS2->USB adapters not to work with any particular model of Mac. Your options are to 1) try another brand of adapter or 2) try a KVM switch that handles both PS2 and USB or 3) get a usb keyboard or bluetooth wireless. (A wired usb keyboard is likely to be less troublesome than the bluetooth at this time.) You can find a Logitech usb keyboard (PC) at Walmart (for example) for about $12 US.” Thank you very much for the helpful answer!

I picked up a USB Kensington keyboard for under $20 at Office Depot. I plugged it in and the Mac had trouble. It asked me to click on the keys right next to the Shift keys. Once I did so, the Mac had no problems. I still had no Internet hookup at this time (Ethernet cable was too short to reach!).

After that, I went to eat lunch while my son fooled around with it. He came in excitedly and beckoned to me to come. At the screen, he dragged an icon from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen and let it go. It disappeared. I told him to bring it back. He didn’t know how, so he slunk away. I was disappointed that the icons there were not scrolling and enlarging like I’ve seen at the Apple Store. They were just frozen in place when you moused over them. Was that feature on a higher end Mac?

I clicked on Help in the menu bar at top, then on Basics and began reading and experimenting. I found out that when I clicked on an application, the app’s icon appeared in the bottom “dock.” So after clicking on a lot of apps, I’m pretty sure I got the dock back to where it was before my son nuked’em.

I also found in the settings how to change the appearance of the dock. The icons now enlarge when I mouse over them! I notice that the minimize and close buttons, which appear at the top right in Windows, appear in the top left in the Mac.

My next step is to get the Mac into a place closer to my RCA modem so I can connect it, or to get a longer Ethernet cable. There’s no place to put both computers in the same room – after eighteen years, our mobile home is full!

This being Father’s Day, my Dad came over and our whole family went on a trip. I took the occasion to turn on the Mac so he could see the dazzling graphical display on bootup. Boy, was I disappointed! Instead of the sophisticated video graphics I saw earlier, we were treated to a sophisticated white screen with the gray Apple logo in the middle. Arrrrgh….

Every time I ordered something online and received a receipt or order confirmation, I dragged them to my Orders folder in my Thunderbird email client. I opened that to see which books I had ordered earlier. One was iPhone Development for Dummies by E. Burnette. The other is MAC OS X Leopard All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies, by Mark L. Chambers. Now why did I get that one? I don’t remember.

At work during my break times over the last few weeks I have been searching the web for helpful iPhone web sites and then bookmarking them. I exported those bookmarks Friday and emailed them to myself at home. Today I transferred those bookmarks to my home’s iPhone bookmark folder so I’ll have everything in one place.

My wife said she’ll clear a spot for the Mac tomorrow so the Ethernet cable will reach. That will enable me to sign up and download the iPhone SDK. “SDK” stands for Software Development Kit, and that’s the software I’ll need to develop iPhone apps.

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