6/22/09 Downloading the SDK

I now have the Mac on a cleared-away spot on a desk. I unplugged the PC’s Ethernet cable from the modem, then ran the new 15’ cable from there to the Mac and turned on the Mac. The Mini could not detect a working modem. Eventually the Assistant told me to turn off the modem and turn it on again. That did the trick.

I got to the iPhone Developer website, signed in with my Apple ID, then set up Mail so I could retrieve the email notification right then and there. I got it set up without much fuss, opened the email, clicked on the link, and that brought me back to the developer site. I searched for and started the free SDK download. It is a whopping 2.08GB! That’ll take an hour to download. I have another writing project to do while the software development kit downloads.

When the download finished I was presented with three files. I double-clicked on the pdf and read the directions on installing the SDK. I double-clicked on the other file (the third was a folder) and I was informed that I needed to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5.7. I thought I already had the latest upgrade. What do I do now? If I install now, I’ll download the Xcode toolset (which is the programming language stuff), but not the iPhone SDK.

Another window had opened, saying that 13 upgrades were available. These downloads amounted to 967.6 MB of upgrades! Fortunately, the OS upgrade would upgrade me to the 10.5.7 I needed. I clicked to download. It’s late. Time for bed.

I took a quick look at the LG monitor connected to the Mac. A message indicated that there was no connection. I pushed the button in back of the Mini and the Mac started up again. Now how do I get back to the downloads box containing the SDK download file? Ah, I remember there was an icon for that very purpose in the dock … found it. Good thing I played around with it first. I also found the dialog box for continuing the downloads (not sure if they’re called dialog boxes on the Mac). NOW it’s late.

I commute to and from work. When it’s not my turn to drive, I often read. Tomorrow I’ll starting reading Beginning iPhone Development to get an idea of the terminology I’ll be using. When the Dummies book arrives, I’ll switch to that.

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