6/23/09 Downloading Mac Upgrades

I took a quick look at the screen early this morning only to find it blank again, and a notice from the LG monitor that there was no connection. I pushed the start button in back and the Mac booted up. Was this supposed to be a restart or did something go wrong? Not sure. I also wasn’t sure if the downloads were successful. Will there be a notice if a download is successful? Once again I had to scurry to figure out how to get to the downloads section again. If I remember correctly, Safari had a link for Upgrades. I can’t check now … once again the monitor says there is no connection and the Mac is dead.

Why would the Mac require a reboot just because there was no Internet connection? Ergo, it must be the power strip. I’ll be checking that after I get back from work. I remember the  Apple Store salesman’s words, “You won’t have any problems with the Mac.” Well, not with the Mac itself …

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