6/23/09 Downloading the SDK, part II

I bought a new APC power strip at the local Staples and replaced the old one. On the upgrades screen I unchecked all the upgrades except for the Mac OS upgrade (449MB) to save time (took about 15 minutes), and clicked to restart. When the restart was finished, a window displayed the iPhone files I downloaded earlier. I clicked on the file that installs the iPhone SDK and Xcode. A screen welcomed me and said it would download both files. Hoorah!

The next screen was a puzzle. It was titled “Software License Agreement” and was completely blank. When I clicked on Continue a notice rolled down like an old-time window shade saying that I had to click on Agree or Disagree. Luckily, it presented both buttons right there, so I clicked on Agree. I wonder what I had agreed to? (I had also clicked on Save, but nothing outward happened.)

I elected to install the standard whatever selections. Then another window shade told me to install the “(null)” disc in order to continue. Uh-oh. What disc is that? I headed back to my Mac box and rummaged around until I found two discs. One was the Mac OS X Install DVD and the other an Applications Install DVD. Which disc do I insert? There is no Go Back button displayed. I elected to continue this comedy of errors (errors on my newbie part, not Apple’s) and inserted the OS X DVD. A setup window opened and provided several options, one of which was to install the operating system. Well, DUH. The other window did not acknowledge this window. I shut down the new window and the old window disappeared! I ejected the DVD. Again I saw the downloads window. I once again clicked on the download file for the iPhone/Xcode files and the message once again appeared asking for the “(null)” disc in order to continue. The red button at the top left used for quitting does not work on this window, but the other two buttons work.

What a shame. I can see the progress along the left. As you reach a milestone, the lettering turns from dim to strong. I was at Installation, which was just before the last step, Summary.

Perhaps I had selected the wrong standard option after I had agreed to whatever. (Does this sound like “Who’s On First?”)

I noticed the top bar said Installer at the upper left. I clicked on Installer and then on Quit Installer. Nothing happened. I clicked on the Apple icon then on Force Quit. (How did Apple know there would be a use for this feature?) After a confirmation message, I clicked on a button and it quit, leaving the underlying downloads window still open like a faithful puppy resolutely standing by my side.

My goal was to get back to the window showing the options and select something else. I once again clicked on the iPhone/Xcode selection … and this time got further. I was able to actually read the Software License Agreement, then progressed to where I wanted to be. (I would take a screen shot, but I do not know how to go about taking it and saving it. Where is that Dummies book when you need it?)

At this Installation Type step, three items are selected: iPhone SDK, System Tools, and Unix Development… I elected to uncheck the bottom two and see where it goes. A notice informed me that the iPhone selection will install 2.5GB of files. Estimated time of installation: 20 minutes. Good news so far.

Now I’m greeted with a large white check mark in a green circle. To make sure I got it, words in bold proclaim, “Install Succeeded.” I’ll withhold any further hurrahs until I successfully finish chapter 2 of Beginning iPhone Development, which I read today on my commute and at lunch. I clicked on the Macintosh HD icon and rummaged around until I found the Xcode folder under Developer. It’s getting late. I’ll get back to this tomorrow night or, more likely, Thursday.

I first went back to Safari, clicked on the apple, and elected to continue installing all the rest of the upgrades, since the connection has been good. I guess it was the power strip after all. Well – now there are 14 items to download!

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