6/25/09 Hello World!

Screen Capture of final product

Screen Capture of final product

I followed chapter 2 of Beginning iPhone Development. In only a few steps I was able to complete the Hello World! assignment. I did not create the app’s icon because I don’t have any image editing program installed, like Windows does for Paint. There might be one, but I could not find it.

I’ve been reading Apple’s Human Interface Guide PDF online. As I read it, I mentally began adjusting in my mind how my application should be designed. So I was learning as I went along. Originally, tapping on the icon would have revealed a splash screen of the book cover. But that would have been irritating – as irritating as watching that stupid FBI warning on every DVD against copying, then watching those same flying producers’ logos sail by before you could even get to the movie itself. Instead, there would be a small image of the book cover title with the book sections listed immediately below. Tapping on a section would slide the listing out of the way and reveal the list of questions related to the section. Tapping on the question will show the chapter itself.

I did a search for “iphone design” and got many good tips. An example: At the end of each of my chapters are a few questions to help the reader think through the implications of the chapter. One design tip was to go viral. This inspired me to create a blog where each chapter has a page, and each page has the questions. I can allow the reader to share his or her thoughts with the world via a button to the appropriate blog’s page. With another button, Email, I can let the reader send the brief chapter to a friend (at the bottom will show copyright info and a link to my book in lulu.com).

Oh, yeah – as you can see by the picture, I had found the Grab utility to get the screen shot. I had searched the Net for “screen grab mac.”

I’ve been reading more of Beginning iPhone Development and it appears that most of what I need for my app will be found in the book.

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