6/26/09 Apple’s MobileHIG

I finished reading the Mobile Human Interface Guide. It was a valuable read because it clarified my project. It went over the specific ways Apple wants us to use its buttons and other design elements. As it went over each element and how they were designed to be used, it opened up many feature possibilities for my book. Here are a few lessons I picked up.

I will not need to use the “>” button in the table of contents opening page (or on the chapter titles) because it’s already assumed that the list will be clickable. However, it’s a good idea to use the Detail Disclosure Button (the “>” within a circle) for the section that is composed of 50 URLs to the Internet. The reader will click on the DDButton and learn that an Internet connection will be required, so the iPod touch reader will make sure to investigate that section within wi-fi range.

It might be helpful if each chapter had a Page Indicater at the bottom (this is a row of dots that indicates which page you are on, each dot representing a page, the current page being highlighted, if I remember, with a glow).

Since the main activity is reading, it would be helpful if the reader could change the font size.

At the end of each chapter is a series of questions. I thought I’d add a couple of buttons to the end: “Reply,” in which the reader would be taken to a blog to respond to the questions; and “Email,” in which the reader could email the short chapter to someone.

In the lowest bar, include arrows for next chapter, previous chapter, and the home symbol.

On home page, add a search function.

Let reader add bookmarks to any page.

Should the reader be allowed to add notes to any page?

What were the pros and cons of reading this 130-page Apple document? Pro: The document gave me ideas on what code to look for when I read the more technical books on coding. Now that I know what I want in the app, I’ll be able to focus on getting the code I’ll need.

Con: I got so many ideas that the project will take longer to execute if I try to put them all in at once. Should I keep it simple in version 1 and add the extra functionality in version 2?

I downloaded all the PDF docs (eight of them) that were in one section of the Apple iPhone dev area. I’ll just read them through one at a time to familiarize myself with what’s available. I’ll give comments on each here as appropriate.

I viewed one of the Apple videos. Since I am deaf, and the video had no captions, it was totally useless for me.

I’ll be downloading the Gimp software so I can create the app icons, since the Mac does not seem to have anything like Windows Paint where I can create artwork from scratch. The Gimp is free software that creates images and edits photos. You can download it from http://www.gimp.org

I forgot to bring home my computer glasses when I left work, so it’ll be tough to try the book tutorials during the weekend.

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