6/30/09 Apple’s online docs

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading through Apple’s online PDF documents. The Beginning iPhone Development book seems to cover the areas I’ll need to know to create my app. However, I’ll still need to customize it for my use. That means I’ll need to learn the underlying programming code, which is Objective-C. This information is among Apple’s online PDF documents. I’m not ready to buy any more books at present.

I’ve been reading the Objective-C 2.0 Programming Guide PDF while comparing it against the coding in the book, especially chapter 3. I am going through the book’s code and writing out on a separate sheet exactly what is happening so I can understand it, even giving page references to the book and PDFs for my logic so I can check my explanations later. By writing them out, I’m getting a better feel for how the code interacts with other code and why the words are written in the order they are. Some of it’s familiar to me simply because of my background in PHP. PHP and Objective-C both have the same roots in C.

When I was learning PHP and MySQL to create a database web site for the company, I needed to justify every word and every punctuation mark. If any word or mark was wrong, then the code would not work, or it would do unexpected things. As I did with PHP, I need to do with Objective-C: understand every word and punctuation mark. It’s like learning grammar all over again, but in a new language. Where the actual Obj-C syntax is short and to the point, my explanation of the code is long enough to explain to myself what the code is doing. When my notes get a little more complete, I’ll post them here so you can get an idea of what I’m doing.

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