iPhone Application Development for DummiesI received the book, iPhone Application Development for Dummies by Neal Gordstein a couple of days ago. I’m nearly halfway through it now. Unlike the Beginning iPhone Development book, it doesn’t have a lot of applications to make (it goes over just one so far). However, it has a LOT of explanations for how things work under the hood, so that is this book’s strength. The author does expect you to have some experience with programming.

Would this book have been a better book to start with? I don’t know. Remember that I already have several docs under my belt – the Beginning book above and the online Apple docs, so all that knowledge is only helping me as I read later works. It is extremely focused on learning what’s under the hood. I think that if I had not had the experience with Beginning, then the explanations in for Dummies would have made less sense than it did. The abstract line drawings would not be as clear as they could be for someone who has not had C or C++ programming experience.

Both books try to tell you that it’s important to understand the Model-View-Controller paradigm, but as you build the apps, they simply give you a 1-2-3 step tutorial on building. I would like to see more of the MVC connection embedded in the steps. That would make it clearer, I think. Nevertheless, both books are a great buy for the content they supply.

I am still stuck with one app’s code generating errors in the Beginning book, even though I retried three times.

At one point in the Dummies book (page 133), the iPhone Simulator “quit unexpectantly.” Clicking on the Relaunching button repeatedly did not help. There was a button for sending the info to Apple. I clicked on the button to see what would be sent. I then scrolled down and the reason for the crash was given: there was no connection made for the view. That was odd. I made a connection to the label and the text field, which the book had directed me to do. I don’t remember it telling me to make a connection to the view. So I made a connection from the File’s Owner icon to the view screen. When I did a “Build and Go,” (compile) the app worked perfectly in the iPhone Simulator. So this tells me that I had received enough education to interpret the language in the notice and act accordingly. A good sign. I will continue with this book and then jump back to the other book later.

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