7/9/09 iPhone Simulator results (screen shots)


I successfully finished an online tutorial. I had several serious problems, but all of them were my fault – typos. Here’s the result. I took screen grabs of the iPhone Simulator as I took the steps. In step one above left I have a text box at top, directions in the middle  (“Enter your name above”), and a “Display” button below. In Step 2, when I “tapped” the text box using the mouse, the keyboard automatically slid up from the bottom. I typed in my name and clicked on the Display button. Step three shows the result: the middle text changed to “Hello Steve!”One problem, which the tutorial did not cover, was that the keyboard remained in place. Doing a search online for this revealed that this was a common problem for beginners. The keyboard will appear automatically when a text box is tapped, but it is the programmer’s responsibility to provide the code to make it go away. I noticed my Beginning iPhone book covered the topic, but it was mixed in with something else, so I couldn’t figure out how to apply it to my situation. Reading one forum post, it seems that Apple had already addressed the issue in its Dev site when it offered a tutorial for the programmer’s first iPhone app. I’ll be following that tutorial next. I saved it to disk as PDF and it came out to over 50 pages!

I am trying to put my notes in order so I can record the pattern I’ve seen repeated in all the tutorials and chapters I’ve been reading. I’m beginning to see which kinds of code go on which pages. I still have a long ways to go. In my PHP work I have to justify the placement of every letter, every word, and every punctuation of every line. I simply can’t do that at this stage for ObjC.

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