Apple App Store Application Assets Template

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3 thoughts on “Apple App Store Application Assets Template

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  2. Condensed version of image sizes needed.

    Be ready to upload your 512x512px or 1024x1024px (png, tif, or jpg) file separately for iTunes (not in binary)

    Include the following iPhone/iPod touch graphics:
    key = CFBundleIcons (introduced in iOS 5.0)
    icon file (icon.png) 57×57px, RGB, flattened, no transparency, 24bit
    icon file (icon-72.png) 72 x 72px
    Retina icon file (icon@2x.png) 114 x 114px

    Additional iPad icon files:
    Spotlight icon file (icon-Small-50.png) 50 x 50px

    Launch images for universal apps:
    key = UILaunchImageFile-iphone
    Default-iphone.png (320×480)
    Default@2x-iphone.png (640 x 960)

    key = UILaunchImageFile-ipad
    Default-ipad.png 768 x 1004 (portrait), 1024 x 748 (landscape).
    Default@2x-ipad.png 1536 x 2008 (portrait), 2048 x 1496 (landscape)

    If also creating an Android version, will need these icon sizes:
    for res/drawable-mdpi: 48x48px icon.png
    for rex/drawable-hdpi: 72x72px icon.png
    for res/drawable-xdpi: 96x96px icon.png

  3. iPad Screenshots must be .jpeg, .jpg, .tif, .tiff, or .png file that is in one of the following sizes:
    1536×2008 pixels
    … and at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color space.

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