Is this the easiest convert-to-native-iPhone-app tool yet?

WiziApp Review: Is this the easiest way yet to convert from a WordPress site into a fully-functional native app?

First, some background: My general WordPress (WP) blog containing my Christian writings has become a confusing mess. So I decided to separate each of the major writing themes into its own blog. So I recently changed to a host which has easy WP installation and imported my my WP blog there in its own folder, naming the folder after its theme. (For instance, I have a book app called Doubt Busters: Answering the Questions that Challenge our Faith, and have added a lot of its content to my WP site. So when I imported it to my new server, it went into a folder called In there, I deleted all the unrelated posts.)

Now for the purpose of this article. While I was going through every link in the admin panel to customize my site, I clicked on Plugins and came upon WiziApp. “WiziApp automatically turns your WordPress blog into a native iPhone app. To get started, we need you to complete 3 simple steps to configure your app using our friendly Wizard.”

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