Getting the iOS App to a Tester (Xcode 4.3.2, Mac OSX Lion)

What steps do you follow to get your app out to a tester’s physical iOS device? This article assumes you will have the physical device in hand to plug into your development Mac computer. 

1. Ask tester to get their UDID number and send it to you.

You can send them this link of simple instructions: Let them know that you want the 40-character UDID number sent to you. They can download an app that’ll get the number from their device and email it to you, or they can plug in their device to iTunes and copy/paste the number from there into an email to send to you.

2. With the UDID in hand, in the online Apple Developer Member Center > Provisioning Profiles > Devices, enter the numbers under Add Devices.

3. Cilck on Provisioning and under the Development tab, click on the provisioning profile’s Edit > Modify link at right, then on Edit.

4. Select the devices for that profile, then click on Submit.

5. Click on the Development tab. Click on the Download button for that app. If it doesn’t say Download yet, click back and forth on the Distribution and Development tabs until it does. The page won’t refresh on its own.

6. Find the file in the Finder window. It should be in the Downloads folder.

7. Drag the file to the Organizer window of Xcode (Window > Organizer), or to the Xcode icon in the dock.

8. Open the app in Xcode.

8. Plug in the device for testing and turn on the device and go to its home screen (past any locked state).

9. In Window > Organizer, click on the device’s name and then on the Use for Development button when it appears. Wait for file download to finish.

10. In Organizer, for the device’s provisioning profile, click on the plus sign at bottom to add a new provisioning profile.

11. Navigate to the app file in Downloads (of step #6) and choose it, and it will be added.

12. Now you can exit Organizer and Build and Run.

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