6/23/09 Downloading the SDK, part II

I bought a new APC power strip at the local Staples and replaced the old one. On the upgrades screen I unchecked all the upgrades except for the Mac OS upgrade (449MB) to save time (took about 15 minutes), and clicked to restart. When the restart was finished, a window displayed the iPhone files I downloaded earlier. I clicked on the file that installs the iPhone SDK and Xcode. A screen welcomed me and said it would download both files. Hoorah!

The next screen was a puzzle. It was titled “Software License Agreement” and was completely blank. When I clicked on Continue a notice rolled down like an old-time window shade saying that I had to click on Agree or Disagree. Luckily, it presented both buttons right there, so I clicked on Agree. I wonder what I had agreed to? (I had also clicked on Save, but nothing outward happened.) Continue reading