How to link to your eBook in the iBooks bookstore

In my apps, I include a list of my apps that link to their pages. But I couldn’t figure out how to link to my eBook in iBooks. A kind soul said to use this format:

Just replace the ISBN number for your own.


Wish you could add an eBook to the iBookstore? Go to Smashwords for all the information. Download their free manual and follow it precisely for best results.

Sobering news for developers who use local storage or SQLite

If you use HTML5 Local¬† Storage or SQLite in your iPhone apps, you’ll want to read the urgent forum thread on the Apple Developer Forums here: (signin required).

Due to Apple NDA rules, I can’t divulge more, only that you may want to find another way to persist information if the current beta becomes final.

See another article on my site that now addresses this problem.