Adobe PhoneGap & Apache Cordova Helpful Links

Sites I’ve found useful for Adobe PhoneGap and Apache Cordova iPhone and Android development, adapting to various screen sizes. They are put here so I can access them from various computers. I use “PhoneGap” and “Cordova” interchangeably on this page, not having known the difference between the two at the time.


PhoneGap & Apache Cordova
Mobile Frameworks
Mobile Makeover Guidelines/Responsive Web Design
Web Apps
PhoneGap Tutorials
Code Scripting Sites
Random Code/Stuff
Google Play
Apple App Store
Drag-n-Drop App Makers
Optimize Your Code
Services and Tools
App Stores (submit your apps here)
General Reference
General Conversions/Translations

PhoneGap & Apache Cordova

Cordova & PhoneGap in Layman’s Language

Top PhoneGap Mistakes

Official sites

Cordova Versioning Strategy

PhoneGap and Cordova support online (use the “cordova” tag for both)

Cordova Bug Tracker 

PhoneGap Communities
PhoneGap forums:
PhoneGap Build forums:

PhoneGap Plugins

About Security

Core PhoneGap Developer (iOS & Android) Software

Mobile Frameworks (not an exhaustive list)

2016 survey of frameworks

Mobile development tools list

Adobe AIR, etc., for mobile + tablet platform development

Ansca Corona (Lua programming language)

Appcelerator (Titanium)

AppLaud for Android

Basic4android (rapid app development)

Cardinal CSS – CSS framework

Closure (modular Javascript library of widgets) +

Dojo Toolkit (modular plugins)


Google’s iUI (for mobile apps)

iKeto (HTML5 app framework)

JQ Mobi (now called Intel’s App Framework) and couchDB (create and share apps)



Mobile GWT (Google Web Toolkit) 

MooTools (write cross-browser JS code)

NSB App Studio

Onsen UI

qooxdoo, universal JavaScript framework


Skeleton, boilerplate responsive CSS framework



Wink, JavaScript toolkit


YUI, JavaScript & CSS library

Zurb Foundation Responsive CSS Framework


Online CSS editor

HTML5/CSS Compatibility

Learn CSS
Safari Resource

Understand Your Meta Tags

CSS for iPhone, iPad, and Retina Displays  

Professional front-end developer’s base HTML/CSS/JS template

Setting orientation in iPad

CSS Tips & Tricks

CC3 Code Generators, border-radious, gradients, text shadows, etc.

CSS Color Names

CSS Call-out Box

CSS/HTML/JS Reference

Mobile Makeover Guidelines/Responsive Web Design


Fluid Layouts:

Fluid Images:

Media Queries:

Code Scripting Sites

Random Code and Stuff

Security/Data Encryption

Detect iPhone/iPad and redirect to starting page

PhoneGap Database

Display data in PG from external MySQL, using PHP, AJAX, XML

Ajax Image Upload without Refreshing Page using Jquery

Live Chat 

Image gallery for mobile devices



Create a FavIcon

Copy/Paste Symbols, Dingbats, and Characters

handleOpenURL – shared interapp communication

Create a directory in Android device, then a file in that directory

Example of NativeControls plugin in PhoneGap

Google Play

Android Developers site

Important resources – staying on the right side of Google Play

Dashboards – check latest percentage of use

Google Play Developer Program Policies — read before developing app

Android Version History

Android Fragmentation numbers

Media Formats supported

Apple App Store

iTunes Connect Resources and help

Returning your iTunes purchase to Apple

App Store Rejections

iOS Developer Center (need account)

Human Interface Guidelines

App Store Review Guidelines

iOS Developer Forums (need account)

Create a provisioning profile, etc. in Windows

Figuring out the crypto/encryption question during the approval process (if using ssl or https in your app):!topic/phonegap/DrYOdMrTssM

Drag-n-Drop to make apps

Services and Tools

HTML5/JavaScript Bluetooth integration


Accept credit card payments in-app


Mobile application performance monitoring

Remove 300ms wait time for clicks 

Buy/Sell source code/templates for iPhone and Android apps

Free icon fonts – Why? because they’re scalable for any screen size. Better than raster icons!

Factual – Definitive Global Data On Places & Products

Mobiscroll – date/Time Picker and more

Video Converter to convert video for playback on different devices

Git Repository

Share your code

Push Notifications

Monetize your app

Training videos/learn code online

Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers

Online Conversion of audio, image, video formats, etc.

Web fonts

WURFL – the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe


App Annie — app analytics

Cloud Storage accessible from anywhere – capture web pages as PDF

Form Validation

Mockup Tools

App Stores (submit your apps here)

Optimize Your Code

Javascript validators, etc.

General Reference

General Conversions/Translations


11 thoughts on “Adobe PhoneGap & Apache Cordova Helpful Links

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  2. I did not find anything for local storage or SQLite so I post it here.

    The safest solution for SQLite for iPhone/IOS:

    IOS 5.1 has broken the working of HTML5 local storage and Web SQL with Cordova/PhoneGap, see for a workaround solution. For more discussion see:

    For HTML5 local storage, I liked the following search result:

    For HTML5 Web SQL, I liked the following: and for a nice-looking library:

    For anyone who is making a web app, I recommend using an HTML5 cache manifest to make the entire web app work offline. There are plenty of guides, I liked the following:

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  7. There are some great links. Please see also our new release of Steroids for PhoneGap. Steroids fills the “gaps”. Developers can get their “apps up” in a fraction of the time.

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