Saving localStorage to a more secure folder location

If you are worried whether your localStorage will persist after an iOS version upgrade or be backed up to iCloud, one coder, Kerri Shotts, has graciously given us a Javascript script that saves the localStorage data to a secure folder within iOS. Her code periodically saves localStorage data at set intervals. (This code has been updated. See bottom of article.) Continue reading

Code Sign error: Provisioning profile ‘388E4 … AA58’ can’t be found

I got the above error and after a search, found this link that saved the day:

The steps I took to resolve this were:

1. In Finder, right-click on the xcodeproj file.

2. In the options box, click on Show Package Contents.

3. Right-click on the .pbxproj file and select to open in TextEdit.

4. Do a search on that file for the long string of numbers.

5. Comment out the line and save (add /* before the line and */ after the line).

6. Restart Xcode, reopen the xcodeproj file, and do a Product > Clean. It should start up fine if there were no other problems.


Explanation of PhoneGap using layman’s language

PhoneGap allows you to build your mobile app with the same skills a web designer possesses. The process goes something like this. You’ll first create your app with HTML, CSS, and Javascript using your favorite tools, but designing for the small screen. You’ll test your work in a browser as you normally would. This is the code you’ll use across devices. If you don’t possess website-creation skills, then you’ll need to start with the basics of HTML and CSS before learning to use PhoneGap. If you don’t know any Javascript, the learning curve may get steeper because you may have a hard time debugging your code or adding extra features. Continue reading