6/27/09 Chapter 3 tutorial

Beginning iPhone Development bookI went over the Beginning iPhone Development book, chapter 3, underlining and generally marking up the book. I carefully noted each step with a circled digit in the margin. Where it referred to steps to take in the previous chapter, I noted the page numbers of that chapter in the margin in the appropriate place. This will help me later when I actually do the coding on the Mac. Continue reading

6/26/09 Apple’s MobileHIG

I finished reading the Mobile Human Interface Guide. It was a valuable read because it clarified my project. It went over the specific ways Apple wants us to use its buttons and other design elements. As it went over each element and how they were designed to be used, it opened up many feature possibilities for my book. Here are a few lessons I picked up. Continue reading

6/23/09 Downloading the SDK, part II

I bought a new APC power strip at the local Staples and replaced the old one. On the upgrades screen I unchecked all the upgrades except for the Mac OS upgrade (449MB) to save time (took about 15 minutes), and clicked to restart. When the restart was finished, a window displayed the iPhone files I downloaded earlier. I clicked on the file that installs the iPhone SDK and Xcode. A screen welcomed me and said it would download both files. Hoorah!

The next screen was a puzzle. It was titled “Software License Agreement” and was completely blank. When I clicked on Continue a notice rolled down like an old-time window shade saying that I had to click on Agree or Disagree. Luckily, it presented both buttons right there, so I clicked on Agree. I wonder what I had agreed to? (I had also clicked on Save, but nothing outward happened.) Continue reading

6/23/09 Downloading Mac Upgrades

I took a quick look at the screen early this morning only to find it blank again, and a notice from the LG monitor that there was no connection. I pushed the start button in back and the Mac booted up. Was this supposed to be a restart or did something go wrong? Not sure. I also wasn’t sure if the downloads were successful. Will there be a notice if a download is successful? Once again I had to scurry to figure out how to get to the downloads section again. If I remember correctly, Safari had a link for Upgrades. I can’t check now … once again the monitor says there is no connection and the Mac is dead.

Why would the Mac require a reboot just because there was no Internet connection? Ergo, it must be the power strip. I’ll be checking that after I get back from work. I remember the  Apple Store salesman’s words, “You won’t have any problems with the Mac.” Well, not with the Mac itself …

6/21/09 “Beginning” does not mean “absolute novice”

I now have it in my head that a book with “Beginning” in its title does not mean “Starting out as a complete novice.” It simply means the start of something. Often, books with this word in its title assume the reader has prior knowledge in something else, whether C++, Cocoa, or Basket Weaving 101. From the appropriate foundation mentioned in the book, you can THEN “begin” this new phase in your learning experience.

So it’s very important that you read the book reviews on Amazon.com before buying a how-to book on programming. Go ahead and read the 5-star reviews. Even better, read the 2-star reviews, for that’s where you’ll find the disgruntled customers complaining that they thought the title meant it was for absolute novices. I bought Beginning iPhone Development knowing it wasn’t for novices. (I’m saving it for later.) Reading the 2-star reviews can give you clues as to which books they thought were better for novices. Then look up those books and read their reviews to see if the book is right for you.