Apple App Store Application Assets Template (3/2018)

I fill out this template before I upload my app to Apple by copying/pasting into a text editor and filling it out. Then I can simply copy/paste the info into the required fields in the Apple site. In-app purchases, iWatch, and some other elements are not noted on this template, just general iPhone and iPad.

For many links and details of several of these elements, please read the making an Apple app workflow.

Application Assets

To begin, visit the Developer console, sign in, click through iTunes Connect, click on My App, then click on the Plus sign to add a new app.

iTunes Connect Help (2/2018): iTunes Connect Help

New App box:
Platform: (check one) iOS, tvOS
Name: Use name from config.xml in widget line, but readable with spaces.
Primary language: (choose one)
Bundle ID: (choose one that you already had created in iTunes Connect)
SKU: Make a unique ID for this app — this is not seen on App Store.


App Store > App Information menu

— Localizable Information —
Name: Same as above
Subtitle: (optional summary of app for iOS 11+ users)
Privacy Policy URL:

— General Information —
Bundle ID: (same as in config.sys)
Category: (choose one for each) Primary, Secondary

Save button.

App Store > Pricing and Availability menu

— Price Schedule —
Price (choose)

— Pre-Orders —
Make available for pre-order (checkbox)

— Availability —
All territories selected (edit)

— Volume Purchase Program —
(Choose one)

— Bitcode Auto-Recompilation —
Don’t use bitcode Auto-Recompilation (checkbox)

Save button

App Store > Prepare for Submission menu

— App Previews and Screenshots —
iPhone 5.5″ display button: slide in up to 3 video app previews and 10 iPhone screenshots
iPad 12.9″ display button: slide in up to 3 video app previews and 10 iPhone screenshots

— Promotional Text —
(170 chars. Appears above your description)

— Description —
(4000 chars.)

— Keywords —
(100 chars.)

— Support URL —
(add URL)

— Marketing URL —
(add URL)

— Build —
(Information appears here after you submit your build in Xcode.)
— General App Information —
(Drag App store icon to well only for apps earlier than iOS 9.)

— Version —
1.0 or similar

— Copyright —
(include year and exclusive copyright holder’s name)

— Trade Rep contact Info —
(Fill out fields for Korean App Store – name, address, phone, email)

— Routing app coverage file —
(choose file)

— App Review Information —
If app needs sign-in, provide it here.
Provide contact information for app review person to contact you regarding questions.
Add any notes that would help the reviewer, such as special settings.

— Version Release —
Indicate when to release. Default is automatically when it is approved.

Save button.

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