Populate your PhoneGap App with Data from an External Server DB

With this article, we’ll pull data from a server and show it in the app. We’ll create a database table on a server, load it with data, then set up the scripts to make it all work. You’ll need a MySQL server and the ability to upload and change files on it.

My development environment:

Mac OS X 10.9.1 on latest Mac Mini
Cordova CLI 3.4.0
For Android 4.3, 4.4 v19
Testing in device: Android-19, Nexus 7 with 4.3
No Jquery or other JS or CSS packages used

This post assumes you already have your Cordova PhoneGap environment already set up. Look elsewhere on this site for setting up for iOS or Android.

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Adding Cordova APIs to Android via CLI: Camera and File APIs – shoot picture and upload to server folder with PHP

In this article, we are continuing our exploration of the Cordova APIs. On this page, we’ll explore the Camera and File APIs to get a photo onto the server. Here, we’ll learn how to upload the image to a server directory after shooting it.

This article requires that you have a server with PHP installed, are able to upload a file to it, and the server accepts uploads. My simple server has a CPanel interface that allowed me to do all of the above. (Don’t worry; I’m going to give you the steps for all of this.)

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Cordova-supported WebSQL Database, with user-added data

In this article, we are examining another facet of the database storage, which is built into Cordova. In this article, we’ll create an empty database and allow the user to add records to the database and store them in the device. A button will delete the database. Two outputs are given, one in a text field and one in a table layout. With the text-only layout in the textfield, you can press and hold in the textfield and copy the contents to export it.

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Adding Cordova APIs to Android via CLI: Prepopulated Database Storage

In this article, we are in part 5 of exploring the Cordova APIs, which started in https://iphonedevlog.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/adding-cordova-apis-to-android-via-cli-accelerometer-and-camera/ Refer to that article to set up your Cordova PhoneGap project files. You’ll want to follow the “Set Up the Android Project” section through step 9 inclusive.

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