Google Play App Publisher’s Template (August 2017)

Copy this page into a new editable text document and add your app assets information to it so you’ll be ready to upload to the Google Play store.

Read the Google Play Developer Program Policies.

Sign in to your Google Developer Console.

Section: All applications

Button: “Create Application” click-through shows:
Default language: (choose)
title — 50-char limit (type in)

Left menu changes to:

MENU: App releases

App releases Sub-menu:

Button: “Manage Production” (Add APKs to production to make your app available to all users on the Google Play Store.)

Manage Production contents:
Button: Create Release. (“You can prepare, review, and then publish the version of your app you want to make available to users of the Play Store.”)

Create Release contents:
Google Play App Signing — to secure your app.
APKs to add — Add APKs you want to serve in the Play Store
Release Name — Name to identify release in the Play Developer Console only (type in)
What’s new in this release? — 500-char limit (type in)

App releases Sub-menu:

Manage Beta (Add APKs to beta to make your app available for open or closed beta testing.)

App releases Sub-menu:

Manage Alpha (Add APKs to alpha to make your app available for open or closed alpha testing.)

MENU: Android Instant Apps

Sub-menu links:

Manage Production
Manage Instant app pre-release
Manage Instant app dev

MENU: Artifact library

(“The artifact library is a collection of all the build artifacts, such as APKs, that are uploaded during the creation of your releases. You can view and download these artifacts from the library.”)

MENU: Device catalog

Upload (“You should have at least one uploaded APK in order to view the device catalog.”)

MENU: App signing

Enroll your app in Google Play App Signing (“Use Google Play App Signing to secure your app using Google’s robust security infrastructure and automatically optimize your APKs. Learn more”)

MENU: Store Listing

Section: Product details

  • Title (50 chars)
  • Short description — 80-char limit (type in)
  • Full description — 4000-char limit (type in)
  • Add screenshots (phone: 640 x 1096. 7″ tablet: 800 x 1280. 10″ tablet: 1242 x 2208)
  • Add hi-res icon (512 x 512px)
  • Add Feature Graphic (1024 x 500px)
  • Add promo graphic image (180 x 120px)
  • Promo video URL

Section: Categorization

  • Application type — select one (Applications, Games)
  • Category — select one
  • Content rating — click link

Section: Contact details

  • Website — (type in)
  • Email — for contact and shown with app (type in)
  • Phone — (type in)

Section: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy URL — (type in)

MENU: Content rating

Must upload APK first

MENU: Pricing & distribution

Paid or Free
App Availability
Countries — choose from chart
Primarily Child-Directed, under 13 (yes/no)
Contains ads (yes/no) Link to ad policy

Section: Device categories

  • Android Wear
  • Android TV
  • Android Auto

Section: User programs

  • Daydream (submit to Daydream-ready phones)
  • Designed for Families (opt in)
  • Managed Google Play
  • Google Play for Education (check box for “education recommended”)

Section: Consent

  • Marketing Opt-out — (checkbox: “Do not promote my application except in Google Play and in any Google-owned online or mobile properties. I understand that any changes to this preference may take sixty days to take effect.”)
  • Content guidelines — (checkbox: “This application meets Android Content Guidelines.”)
  • US export laws — (checkbox: “I acknowledge that my software application may be subject to United States export laws, regardless of my location or nationality. I agree that I have complied with all such laws, including any requirements for software with encryption functions. I hereby certify that my application is authorized for export from the United States under these laws. Learn more”

MENU: In-app products

MENU: Translation service

Order a service to translate you app

MENU: Services & APIs

Section: Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) — Button: “Link a Sender ID” (“Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a service that helps you to send data from your servers to your applications. Learn more. To access the FCM stats for your application, you need to link a FCM sender ID that you use for this application by providing your FCM API key. Once your app is published, you can access the FCM statistics for your application from the statistics page.”)

Section: Licensing & in-app billing — (” Licensing allows you to prevent unauthorized distribution of your app. It can also be used to verify in-app billing purchases. Learn more about licensing. Your license key for this application: Base64-encoded RSA public key to include in your binary. Please remove any spaces.”)

Section: Google Play game services — Button: “Use Google Play Game Services” (“Google Play game services let you add social gaming features to your games on Android, iOS and the web. Users can be matched with opponents in their Google+ Circles, view leaderboards to compare their scores with others, unlock achievements, and sync their game progress across their devices. Learn more”)

Section: App Indexing from Google Search — “Deep link into your app from Google search

Through App Indexing, Google will add deep links to your app in Google Search results on Android. Just like your website, your app needs to be indexed by Google before this can happen. To get started, verify your official website by clicking on the button below.

If your app supports HTTP deep linking based on your website, indexing can start after verification completes. Contact your website’s Webmaster to complete the verification process using Google Webmaster Tools. Once indexing begins, app errors will be reported in Webmaster Tools alongside website errors in the “Crawl Errors” section.

To facilitate the indexing process, you can provide more details on which links your app supports through website markup, your sitemap, or the App Indexing API. For more information on these options, and for instructions on what to do if your app does not support HTTP deep linking, see our App Indexing developer guidelines.

Upload an APK to verify a website.”

MENU: Optimization tips

Things you can do to improve your app on Google Play
Things you already did to improve your app


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