Google Play App Publisher’s Template (10/2019)

Copy this page into a new editable text document and add your app assets information to it so you’ll be ready to upload to the Google Play store.

Read the Google Play Developer Program Policies.

Sign in to your Google Developer Console.

Google Play menus as of October 2019.





“Base64-encoded RSA public key to include in your binary. Please remove any spaces.”


Sub-menu: Android Instant Apps. Manage instant apps here.

Sub-menu: Artifact library. “The artifact library is a collection of all the build artifacts, such as APKs, that are uploaded during the creation of your releases. You can view and download these artifacts from the library.”

Sub-menu: Device catalog. Shows supported and excluded devices. Takes a while to load, so be patient.

Sub-menu: App signing. “Allowing Google Play to manage your app signing key is a requirement to use the Android App Bundle, and to benefit from Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery. Your app signing key will be protected by the same security infrastructure that protects Google services.” This article may be helpful:


Sub-menu: Store listing.

  • Title (50 chars)
  • Short description (80 chars)
  • Full description (4000 chars)

Graphic assets:

  • Add screenshots (phone: 640 x 1096. 7″ tablet: 800 x 1280. 10″ tablet: 1242 x 2208. WearOS.)
  • Add Feature Graphic (1024 x 500px, JPG or 24-bit PNG)
  • Add promo graphic image (180w x 120hpx, JPG or 24-bit PNG)
  • TV Banner (1280 w x 720 h, JPG or 24-bit PNG)
  • Daydream 360 degree stereoscopic image (4096 w x 4096 h, JPG or 24-bit PNG)
  • Promo video URL (YouTube video URL)


  • Application type (Applications or Games — choose one)
  • Category (select from dropdown)
  • Tags (up to 5). “Add tags to describe the content and functionality of your app. Tags may affect where your app is displayed on Google Play, and the peer groups you’re compared against.” Type a, e, i, o, u, y in Search to see all the tags possible and choose up to 5.
  • Content Rating

Contact details:

  • Website (URL)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Privacy Policy (URL) or select: “Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time.”

Sub-menu: Pricing & distribution.

  • Paid/Free options
  • Pricing Template — select from dropdown
  • Sale, Create sale
  • App Availability. Publish/Unpublish options
  • Countries. Manage countries
  • Contains ads. Yes/no options

Device categories:

  • Wear OS by Google
  • Android TV
  • Android Auto

User programs:

  • Daydream. “Submit your app for potential inclusion on Daydream-ready phones.”
  • Managed Google Play. “Organizations and schools use managed Google Play to choose the apps available to their staff and students. Free apps are already available through managed Google Play. To license your paid app for organizations to purchase, or to target your app to specific organizations, turn on advanced managed Google Play features.”


  • Marketing opt-out. “Do not promote my application except in Google Play and in any Google-owned online or mobile properties. I understand that any changes to this preference may take sixty days to take effect.”
  • Content guidelines. “This application meets Android Content Guidelines.”

Sub-menu: Content rating: “Submit a new content rating questionnaire for all app updates where there has been a change to app content or features that would affect your responses to the questionnaire.”

Sub-menu: App content: (Start questionnaire)

  • Target Age
  • Your app doesn’t appeal to children
  • Design for Families




Sub-menu: Reviews: Reply to reviews left for your app.

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