Implementing inAppBrowser into a Cordova PhoneGap Project

If you want to link to an external site and make it easy for the user to return to your PhoneGap app, try the well-named inAppBrowser (IAB for short). Here are the simple steps to implement it into an already-working PhoneGap project for iOS and Android. Continue reading

Fixing Android Lint Warnings Found when Building a PhoneGap Project

One of the checks you should make before creating your apk file for testing or uploading to an Android-based app store is the Run Lint command in Eclipse. This is found when you right-click on your project name in the Project Explorer, and select Android Tools > Run Lint…

The Lint Warnings view will show various performance, correctness, security, and other Android-environment-specific problems that may give rise to your app not loading or working in your device. (You would not use Lint to check for the validity of your HTML; you would use Validate for that.) Continue reading