This page pulls together key articles that are scattered throughout iphonedevlog. They are here to help me navigate to common resources quickly when I make or update my apps.

Please note that I use these links on a regular basis to make my apps; since I don’t code apps every day, I need to refer to these pages with every new app or update to keep on track. As a result, I am constantly updating these pages to keep up with software updates. 

New Setup

Setting Up Your Mac and Windows Development Environment for Cordova Android projects

New App

Using Cordova CLI on Mac OS X to build iOS apps

Using Cordova CLI on Mac OS X to build Android apps

Using Git Versioning Control Locally

Easily Add Search Functions to Your App

Installing a 9-Patch Splash Screen for Android with draw9patch

Replace Your Button’s Raster Icons for Font Icons

Use npm for minifying scripts and optimizing images

Obfuscate your Android code with ProGuard

Update App

Updating and Reverting to Different Cordova Versions

Signing an Android Apk Apart from Eclipse Using CLI

Submit an Android Apk to Amazon

Debug App

Using ADB Logcat to Debug your Installed Android App

Using the Desktop Safari Web Inspector to Debug Your Installed iOS App

Submit App

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Apple Developer

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